11 Simple Kitchen Storage Ideas to Improve Efficiency

Kitchen Storage IdeasHave you ever opened a cabinet in your kitchen and something fell out and nearly hit your foot? You’re not alone.

Kitchens are one of the hardest rooms in the house to keep neat and organized. Not only is it a high-traffic area, kitchens hold many items in different sizes and shapes. And it’s hard to find ways to store those items without cluttering the room. Another challenge is keeping the room tidy while keeping your everyday items accessible.

So we’ve compiled this list of 11 creative and not-so-creative (but functional!) kitchen storage ideas to improve your kitchen efficiency.

1. Incorporate pull-out shelving

This invention not only increases storage in your cabinets, but an added benefit is that it forces you to be neat. ShelfGenie home improvement says you will gain up to 50 percent additional storage by adding pull-out shelving in your cabinets.

2. Hang coffee mugs from hooks.

Save space in your kitchen cabinets by removing your coffee mugs. Install hooks on a wall above your sink for the mugs instead. This idea is functional too because you can wash your mug and then hang it right up to dry. An added benefit is your mugs now become part of your kitchen décor and your personality shines throughout the kitchen.

3. Utilize false sink drawer fronts.

Remove those false sink drawer fronts and add trays to hold sponges and brushes. This new space is functional because it keeps sponges out of your sink, but keeps them close enough to grab quickly when you’re washing dishes.

4. Add open shelving.

You can add shelves to display space above a window, back splash, or on the wall. Then put the items you use most on those shelves for easy access while giving you more room in kitchen cabinets and drawers.

5. Improve bottle storage.

Update ordinary shelves by adding curved cradles to safely store bottles. Wine, water, or even soda bottles will sit neatly and safely on their sides. And you won’t have to deal with a spill in the middle of making dinner.

6. Try Chalkboard paint.

Add chalkboard paint to the inside of a cabinet door. By doing so, you can eliminate having to use kitchen wall space for a chalk boards. Use the space instead for something else like shelving or hooks!

7. Install a Lazy Susan.

A Lazy Susan is a storage solution featuring a rotating tray, which helps organize and store a variety of pantry items in a small space. Often, you’ll find a Lazy Susan tucked away in a corner spot, which makes great use of space in your kitchen.

8. Use Your Island.

Don’t forget about using your kitchen island to increase your storage space. Large drawers can hold linens, cookware, or serving dishes. You can also add a wine rack to store your wine bottles out of the way. Check out some more design ideas for your kitchen island.

9. Use Your refrigerator.

You can also try utilizing space on the side of the refrigerator for spices. Not only will it give you more space on your countertop or cabinet, the spices on the side of the refrigerator are easily accessible! Just add a heavy-duty magnet to the bottom of a small glass jar, add spice, and stick it to the side of your refrigerator.

10. Use your ceiling.

Try hanging pots and pans from the ceiling. Go to any home improvement store and you’ll find a wide range of storage options. Not only will it keep pots and pans out of the way and in reach, hanging pot racks serve as the centerpiece of the kitchen’s food preparation area.

11. Organize space under the sink.

There is ample space under the kitchen sink that is ripe for storage, but most people don’t know how to use it. Just gather some bins and baskets and get to work organizing your items. For example, cleaning supplies go in one bin, paper towels in a different basket, detergent in another…you get the idea. Next get some command hooks for the side walls and hang up your cleaning supplies. Now you have an organized and functional space to store your under-the-sink items.

Happy organizing! And remember when weighing your options to improve kitchen storage, keep in mind your solution should be both functional and practical.

What other kitchen storage ideas have you tried that made a big difference in your kitchen?

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