5 Things to Consider when Designing a Basement Bathroom

5 Things to Consider when Designing a Basement Bathroom

If you’re in the midst of a basement remodel—or contemplating one—don’t overlook remodeling or adding a basement bathroom.

Remodeled basements provide a significant amount of extra space. And there are a myriad of things you could do with a remodeled basement. Depending on your lifestyle, you could use the space for your kids’ playroom, an adult media room, a home office, a gym, a bar…the ideas are endless. But don’t get caught without a bathroom in this space. You’ll regret it!

In thinking about your basement bathroom design, make sure to consider:

  • Whether you want a full bathroom with a shower and/or tub or a powder room (half bathroom) with just a toilet and sink
  • The type of sink that fits your needs
  • What style of lighting makes the most sense
  • The kind of flooring that works best
  • Your décor

Full bathroom or powder room?

Because the cost between a powder room and a full bathroom isn’t significantly more, a full bathroom is good for the resale value of your home. And it’s never a bad thing to have an extra shower or tub!

According to a comprehensive study by the National Association of Home Builders in 2006, a half bathroom adds roughly 10.5 percent to a home’s value, while a full bathroom adds about 20 percent.

What type of sink fits your needs?

If you’re not looking for storage and don’t have a lot of room, you might want to try a floating vanity. A floating vanity is a vanity that’s mounted to the wall with open space between the lower part of the cabinet and floor. The floating vanity saves space because the wall is the frame for the vanity and provides extra room for shelving on either side. The added benefit is the visual impact, which makes the room feel bigger.

If you have enough room and require storage, a horizontal vanity works well because it provides a section for cabinets. It’s efficient because it allows for ample storage and counter space. Also, its rectangular shape, offers a sleek bathroom design.

What style of lighting makes the most sense?

Lights are very important for how well a bathroom functions. So, it’s important to be strategic in making your decisions. Some early indicators of 2018 trends in bathroom lighting are showing creative use of lighting fixtures and dimmers.

Lighting styles range from sconces to light bars to pendant lights. It’s a matter of your personal taste in choosing the style, but make sure the lights you choose function correctly and illuminate your vanity and the rest of your bathroom’s space. No one wants to use a bathroom that isn’t properly lit.

What kind of flooring works best?

Remember our blog post 4 Easy to Install Floors for Your Home? Revisit that post to familiarize yourself with the benefits of certain flooring options like floating engineered wood, vinyl, tile, or laminate. Then choose the one that will best suit your needs.

What’s this year’s trendy décor?

Guess what? It’s brass and gold fixtures. They’re coming back in style! New warm-toned gold plumbing fixtures are becoming increasingly popular. And they work well with the variations of gray paints that have gained popularity over the last few years.

These fixtures also carry the added bonus of hiding water spots and fingerprints.

Make sure to take these design alternatives into consideration so you’re happy with your basement bathroom.

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